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Earlier I’m sorry if my english is bad, but I don’t care, So what is’ Om Telolet Om? ” What does it mean?

As I have earlier posts, entitled (“Om Telolet Om” Mendadak Go International) mean “om telolet om” viral.


So here goes, this phenoma so popular after someone uploaded a video taken in Jepara (Central Java, Indonesia). There, during the day or in the afternoon small children after school standing by the road and shout “Om Telolet Om” (there is also a holding paper with the words “Om! Telolet”). The cry was addressed to the driver of a passing bus on the highway so that the bus driver would honk his bus.

So “Om” that means is the bus driver. While “Telolet” it as imitating the sound of the horn is sounded tolelot tolelet telotet (yah like that). In short, “Om telolet om” is a call that is spoken by small children addressed to the bus driver so that the driver rang the bell / horn. So Om = Mr. bus driver and Telolet = The sound of horn buses

15665651_10208323210737747_3617142434119198363_nOm Telolet Om is said by some children in indonesia that loves the Bus Horn. They stand at the side of the street and shout “om Telolet Om” Which means “Please Ring the Bus Horn, Sir” Om means Mister/sir(in this case the bus driver) and teloletis the sound of the bus’ horn

What goal? yes just to have fun alone, for fun. Perhaps the children were happy to hear the sound of the bus horn sound is sometimes unique. There is also a horn sound recording and after recording uploaded to social media, etc.

Try to see this video how happy they were after hearing horn “Telolet telolet telolet”.

Perhaps some who say that this is a tacky and cheesy, but if it can make the kids (or adults) happy, what’s wrong with it? (During done safely). Maybe they should try first, standing in the street, and shouted “Oooommm … Telolet ooommm ….” can only be understood that happiness is simple.

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